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Re: Kra'Vak house-rules

From: Chad Taylor <ct454792@o...>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 20:07:35 -0500
Subject: Re: Kra'Vak house-rules

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Gary Ballard wrote:

> I think my thought for balancing the C10 Railgun was more along the
> lines of what if someone equips a fleets of the smallest ships
> with nothing but these guns. Again it isn't a scary perhaps as the
> of 100 escorts with nothing but missles and as many of those as they
> get, but still it is scary. My thought was also that there shouldn't
> a single weapon that can cause that much havoc to ships big and small
> with its one shot and still fire every turn in the game, no limits.(Or
> even every other turn). I haven't played with it, you have so you
> probably know better than me if it is unbalanced. I would also say,
> based on the description of the way the thing fires that it could only
> be fired when not manuevering, i.e. going straight ahead. I play with
> people who don't try to abuse the rules most of the time, but they
> how to cook a system down to optimize forces if necessary.(Comes from
> years of points shavings on Gurps :)) I will probably use some of
> rules for the campaign I'm trying to build up. They are good rules,
> enough for me to grab and modify to suit myself. 
> Gary A. Ballard
> "I'm alive. The rest is negotiable."
>			Stephen Franklin
>			Babylon 5

I agree with you on most accounts (I learned to min/max with Champions:)
I actually see this as being a problem with ALL of the spinal mount
weapons (Wave Gun, Nova Cannon).  In one battle we saw a player field
several (I think four) 44 mass "capital" ships with Wave Guns, lvl 3
shields, and an A Batt.  He also fielded a few Nova Cannon armed ships
of the same type.  The poor Savasku got clobbered (and redesigned).
Immediately after words we agreed to the following rules:

	(1) A ship may only mount one spinal mount weapon
	(2) A spinal mount weapon may only be mounted on an 80+ mass
		(called a "Ship of the Line")

There are also several other house rules that discourage the use of a
bunch of Capital (80+) ships in a fleet, but that is all campaign fluff.
I agree completely that a C10 Railgun on several small Capitals would be
disaster.  I just think it goes with all of the large weapons however.
Has anybody else had a similar problem?  Was anything done to correct

Chad Taylor

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