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FMAS Aircraft Rules

From: Damond Walker <damosan@g...>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 15:31:01 -0500
Subject: FMAS Aircraft Rules

I'm toying with some aircraft rules for ECC using FMAS mechanics.

The rules themselves are stupid easy (probably too easy) but generally
like this - I'd like to get them into a state where I can hand out a QRS
and get playing:

1) Purely 2d.

2) Aircraft are rated with a min speed and max speed.  Min is generally
while Max is related to Mach number e.g. Mach 2.2 = 22", Mach 1.6 = 16",
etc.  Aircraft will have two ratings to game their ability to speed up
slow down.

3) Aircraft will have a turn rating but it is a function of the
speed vs. any inherient quality of the aircraft in question (yeah
yeah....).  The higher the aircraft's speed the longer the aircraft has
move before a 60 degree rotation is allowed.  After moving a certain
distance the aircraft will be allowed one 60 degree rotation left or
right.	Carry over of fractional distances is allowed from turn to turn.

4) Missiles will generically be Heat Seaking or Radar Homing.  They will
treated like aircraft but their turn rating will be one higher than an
aircraft of the same speed.  Aircraft move before Missiles.

5) Each pilot will have a quality and motivation.  Some aircraft will
guns.  Standard FMAS stats here (impact and firepower).  Aircraft have a
structure rating for damage rolls.  A generic "defenses" rating for ECM
the like.  Aircraft will carry chaff and flares which the player can
to modify the incoming missile rolls a bit.  Pilots can also conduct
"defensive maneuvers" that will dump speed equal to their motivation
(mot 3 = losing 3" of movement) but allows for a positive shift in their
quality roll for defensive purposes.

6) Players will alternate activations.	Tailed aircraft must be
before non-tailed aircraft.

7) Each activation allows for two actions.  One action must be used for
movement.  The other action for combat or other non-combat actions
by the scenario.  For a movement action the player first adjusts their
speed and then conducts movement.  For a combat action the player
between a missile launch or guns.  IR missiles can only be fired by
aircraft (basically) while RH missiles can be fired from all aspects.

8) There will be a very small handful of special maneuvers that will
wild maneuvering while dumping some speed.  Assuming the pilot makes a
motivation check.  If they fail the motivation check they dump speed but
will not be able to change direction.  Folks who decide to go Guns on
may get a +1 shift.

...there's more but not much more...but the above captures the general


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