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Powered armour on the march!

From: Brian Burger <blurdesign@g...>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 00:07:45 -0700
Subject: Powered armour on the march!

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Made a small order to Jon to take advantage of his September bonus pack
offer and the shiny new NSL PA recently released.

Everything arrived in the usual good order and wormhole-fast delivery,
although I was out of town when I made the order so it all had to wait
until I got home anyway!

Looking to put together a drone-heavy PA commando team, two or three
of various sorts slaved to each PA trooper and a minimum number of
humans per unit. Probably two PA + 4-6 remotes per squad, two or three
squads plus a command element (and possible heavier support element) per
platoon, so only about six-ten actual humans and a swarm of remotes per

Jon, one thing I'd love to see is some medium-weight grav drones,
than the V15-76 Grav Mini Drone but lighter and sleeker than the
grav-chassis MWAP(G) models. Maybe use the existing Spider Drone tops
add a grav chassis below instead of the legs?

I might actually try kitbashing a couple drones along those lines from
Spider Drones in this order, actually. Looking for drones that can keep
with fast-moving jumppack-equipped PA commando troopers!

This will be a revival, after a long silence, of my 'red Mars'
small skirmishes in the badlands of a not-yet-terraformed Mars. I'll be
getting some hardsuited non-PA, possibly the new Brazilians, as
local forces, and starting some scenery and such over the winter.

Photos of the PA & drone force as I start to work with them!


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