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RE: Full Thrust Scenario Generator

From: Douglas Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 18:10:43 +0000
Subject: RE: Full Thrust Scenario Generator

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> Feel free to edit as needed <grin>

Trust me, they sounded like they wanted me to do so, but I can't easily
edit PDF's, and Word is enough )@#$% without trying to import them.
> it was a QUICK edit.	Force levels i guess could be used as a
handicap.  Generally speaking it is the percentage of the points
availible (FL 10=100%)

Right, about what I said, and having on the top quickly indicated if a
primary or ancillary mission.

> Bombardment was a qucik way to allow even a small force to be able to
acheive the mission.  We played it that the planet was had to be in arc
to bombard and that was your fire for the turn.  So the dice were just
the total of the dice availible from the batteries at range.  Basically
you want to be within 12 MU and in arc to unload the bombardment.  Since
I don't think there is a Fllet Book ship with Ortillery, we winged it.

Again, about what I thought, but something about the writing confused me
as to what I was rolling or needing to complete. I'll re-re-read for a
more complete question.
> As, Bs and C.s, yeah I should really review that. 

Was a tease, and I can never help myself on those.

> And some of the cards have no points as you draw another mission to go
with it (Additonal Victory Conditions)

Again, about what I said, but if the next draw is another
card-without-points, I assumed you tossed it and kept pulling til you
got one with points.
> I think I might change the Convoy to just add transports equal to 1/3
of the force.  it was MUCH too thin in a small game. 
 Maybe, but might consider adjusting the objective a bit; exit ALL ships
vs. exit ONE ship is a big difference, though less as you get smaller


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