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Re: Painted - GZG 8-wheel MICV

From: Phillip Atcliffe <atcliffe@n...>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 09:59:37 +0000
Subject: Re: Painted - GZG 8-wheel MICV

On 19/01/2013 05:25, Harold Crossley wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> First off, I hope I'm not bothering people with these posts about my
painted GZG stuff, if I am, please let me know and i'll stop!
Dinna hold yer breath waitin', as a Scottish acquaintance of mine once 
said. Seriously, have you seen anyone complain about your posts? I doubt

you will, because it's just that sort of thing that this list is for! 
And since you send links rather than actual pictures (which I don't 
think you can on this list anyway), would-be complainers can't even 
accuse you of wasting bandwidth! Heck, I'm a vacc-head, and I enjoy 
looking at examples of other people's work (like yours), so the guys and

gals on the list who go for the ground games ought to think it's great.
> Now, on to my next painted GZG vehicle, the 8-wheel MICV. This is for
my UNSC forces, and I have another one and the gun version inbound:
> At:
> Any suggestions for the UNSC paint scheme?  I was thinking a rust
color, but I don't know.

Nice work. As for what to do next, my initial reaction on seeing UNSC 
vehicles to expect them to look like stuff that's been seconded to UN 
command these days -- white overall with blue patches, etc. -- but then 
I remember that those forces are deliberately high-visibility because 
they're peacekeepers, and that in the GZGverse, the UN is an armed power

in itself, all of which means that UNSC ground forces will most likely 
have the same kind of camo as anyone else. As to what colours to use... 
well, where are they based or fighting? Again, using modern practice as 
a basis, vehicles are camouflaged to match the terrain they'll be 
operating in, and are repainted to suit if moved.

Now, Granny has already glared at me to indicate that she knows how to 
suck eggs and has done so since before I was born, but the point stands:

are you creating a complete force to fight as a whole, in which case the

camo should match; or do you want a variety of schemes to indicate the 
range of camo used by the UNSC, in which case do what you like! Heck, 
given the possibility of vegetation that uses an alternative to 
chlorophyll, you could uses all sorts of colours and claim they're 
appropriate for various worlds. One book I read (can't remember title) 
had worlds with vegetation that was black rather than green because the 
chemical in question was more efficient at absorbing solar energy than 
chlorophyll, so you could have black-and-grey camo, possibly with some 
brown to break it up. Not much good out in the desert, say, but great in

temperate climates and maybe even in urban areas.

Your choice. Have fun.


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