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Fighter/pilot quality idea

From: Hugh Fisher <laranzu@o...>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 20:47:24 +1000
Subject: Fighter/pilot quality idea

Playing around with ideas for representing fighter and
pilot quality in Full Thrust.

Fighter quality is rated from 1 to 4. 1 is not very
good, not something you'd fly if there was a better
alternative available. 2 is your typical fighter. 3
is a super fighter, start of a new generation, the
ME 262 in WWII or today's F-22. 4 would be an alien
fighter that crashed in Area 51 and you've somehow
figured out how to fly.

Pilot quality is exponential, not linear. 1 is what
Stargrunt calls green: farm boys, novice pilots just
out of training. 2 is an average pilot. 4 is veteran,
8 is elite or Jedi.

(Complete untrained would be pilot quality 0, but
it's likely they'd just crash and kill themselves
on launch, space fighters being a bit more complex
than a rifle.)

There are no direct modifiers for quality of fighter
or pilot. Instead, multiply the two numbers to give
the rating for each fighter squadron. Any time you
have fighter vs fighter, compare the two ratings
and whoever is higher is considered superior.

What advantage does the superior side get? My idea
would be not a bonus on die rolls, but instead the
superior squadron gets to roll attack dice and if
the player doesn't like the results (just the die
rolls, not waiting for damage or threshold checks
etc) they can re-roll the squadron. Second set of
rolls stays.

Rationale behind the rules: pilot quality matters
more than what they're flying, better pilots make
fewer mistakes, better equipment is more reliable.

	Hugh Fisher

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