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Re: Space Geography

From: GalacticCmdr <galacticcmdr@g...>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 12:53:39 -0400
Subject: Re: Space Geography

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I am not a physicist - nor do I claim even the remote understanding of
things like this.

>From a personal perspective I always like the Honor Harrington take on
things. Size is very much strategic, since reinforcements are not going
arrive unless they are *very* close and the attacker is really not
interested in engaging.

Fixed defenses are rather useless unless deployed in insane numbers
of ballistic bombardment at factional cee speeds.

Tactical is more a matter of leader vs. leader (with the occasional tech
bump) since for the most part I know your basic tech and have adapted as
have. If there are FTL weasel-style drones then I will have developed a
counter If there are IR dumping systems - then I have developed a

A tech bump may give me a edge to start, but after a few encounters the
other side's war college will have developed a counter.

This assumes relatively on-par tech.


On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 10:10 PM, Ryan Gill <>

> At 10:24 AM +1000 9/26/11, Robert N Bryett wrote:
> >On 25/09/2011, at 06:46 , Tom B wrote:
> >
> >> c) Stealth: I'm thinking that a ship ought to be able (with a
> PSB) to be able sink heat locally for some time. This is why I
proposed a
> short period (12, 24, 48 hours) where a ship can have thermal stealth.
> >
> >How exactly, without resorting to chanting-druids-in-the-engine-room
> physics? If you're going to propose heat-sinks of some kind (ice
> just what mass are you going to ascribe to them, bearing in mind the
> considerable energy they're going to have to absorb?
> Seems to me the best way to deal with this problem is to snooker the
> defenders into committing to where you are not. You do this buy
bringing in
> FTL drones that are effectively decoys and look like something they're
> If the defender can sit pat and cover a few bases he's good. If he has
> try to cover shipping, and more high value targets than he has task
> for, it'll get interesting.
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