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[GZG] FT Dice Roller

From: Tom B <kaladorn@g...>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 15:57:51 -0500
Subject: [GZG] FT Dice Roller

FT is an interesting scenario for dice roller programs. Most envision
you rolling a few RPG dice to run an RPG or generate a character. FT
requires a boatload, and depending on circumstance, the number is
variable (rerolls).

Something written as a client side java or javascript could be fully
portable, could provide an interface to enter the desired rolls, and
could store certain configuration details (in a cookie) as needed.

It could understand what a 'beam' dice was, the effects of shields,
and whether or not rerolls were being used. Other sorts of dice could
be modelled, if the list isn't too long or groteque.

I use a netbook with an initiative program written by JP Fiset (an ECC
regular) to do D20 initiative for my 3.5 D&D game. The netbook is
small enough not to hog space at the game table, is quiet, and the
Initiativalizer makes our games go a bit quicker (you still can't
speed the human indecision loop...).

Is there a general need for an FT die roller that could be run in a
browser without reference to an external server? I mean, sure it is
easy for everyone to say 'sure!' but never actually need or use it.
How many of us would actually give up the mass die rolling at their
game table to let the computer do it?

FT has, on occasion, been accused of being a bit short of tactical
choices and I sort of thought rolling dice (fistfuls of them) was part
of the glee most people got from FT, despite the ridiculous amount of
time it takes. (Anyone who has watched a big ECC battle realizes fully
25%+ of the game time ends up being counting die pips...)

So, is this actually something of general utility or interest?

I had been looking for an excuse to muddle with a bit of Javascript
but had no particular purpose. This might provide a bit of one, but
its only worth attempting if there are enough folks interested in the
output. Even then, it might take some time.



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