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[GZG] GZG news update.... shows and stuff!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:48:32 +0100
Subject: [GZG] GZG news update.... shows and stuff!

News update - shows and stuff.....

We've got our remaining three shows of the year coming up in the next 
two months - we're at SELWG (South East London Wargames Group, held 
at Crystal Palace) on Sunday 18th October, then a couple of weeks 
later (Sunday 1st November) we're up in Leeds for FIASCO at the Royal 
Armouries; then we end our show season with WARFARE at the Rivermead 
Centre in Reading over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd November.
We hope to have some NEW RELEASES ready for each of the shows, so 
keep an eye on our announcements here for more news.

For each show, we're running the same pre-order deal: if you place a 
pre-order for show collection at least TWO WEEKS before the show, AND 
pay at the time of ordering (by card or by Paypal), then we'll give 
you 10% off the cost of the order. We can still take pre-orders up to 
ONE week before the show, but these will NOT get the discount. Less 
than one week before the show, we can't guarantee that we'll have 
time to put pre-orders together - you can call us and ask, but we 
can't promise anything.
So, plan ahead, get your orders to us early and claim your discount!

As always, we'll be bringing as much stock as we can of MOST of our 
ranges to the shows, though our lines are expanding all the time and 
it's getting difficult to fit everything in to both the tradestand 
and the van! If you know that you want an unusual amount of a 
particular item, please try to let us know beforehand to avoid 

Finally, an update and an apology about the FT starship "mystery 
fleet" contest that we started almost a year ago now! An update 
because the contest is technically still open, and an apology because 
we haven't let you all know what is going on with it....
We have had a good number of entries already, ranging from single 
line ideas to fully-developed backgrounds complete with pictures - 
our thanks for all of these, and for the work that has gone into some 
of them.
There are two reasons why we haven't announced a winner or winners 
yet: firstly we haven't had one particular entry yet where we've been 
able to say "yes, that's the one!" - this is a VERY subjective thing, 
even more so than (for example) doing a painting contest. The 
eventual result may well be an amalgam of two or more ideas already 
submitted, in which case we will ensure than all those people whose 
ideas get used in whole or part will get a prize of some of the 
ships; so if you've put your entry in ages ago, please don't assume 
you haven't won - it's simply that we haven't yet decided!
Secondly, we have to admit to having been rather distracted with 
other projects and thus "dropping the ball" a bit on the FT Fleet 
one, to the extent that the new ships we'd planned to do for the 
fleet are not yet ready. We really do hope to get back to it (the 
contest evaluation AND the ship sculpting) soon, and will do our best 
to keep you all advised of progress from now on.

Stay tuned for some  NEW RELEASE info soon, and hope to see lots of 
you at the shows!

Jon (GZG)
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