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Re: [GZG] Star Grunt at Fall In

From: "Michael Brown" <mwsaber6@m...>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 14:28:49 -0600
Subject: Re: [GZG] Star Grunt at Fall In

Needs crazed Kiwis and Sheep

Michael Brown

From: "mwowm" <>
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Subject: [GZG] Star Grunt at Fall In

> If any of you are going to Fall In, we are putting on a Star Grunt
> Sides will include
> the Red Skull
> Aryan sister hood
> Mujhaden
> Iranistan
> and Grey Aliens
> If anyone prereg's and has a side they prefer let me know I'll do what
> can to accommodate.
> Event 175 Start: 4p End: 8p, No. Players: 4, Scale: 15mm, Period:
> Rules: Star Grunt rules which are a free download from
> , GM: Scott Cramer, Sponsor: North 
> Lancaster Wargamers
> Six Feet Under - New Holland PA
> Red Skull -vs- The Mujhadeen
>  Something has crashed near some poppy fields in South West Orangistan

> near the border -w- Iranistan.
> The Mujhaden that control the area are not happy one bit. They've been

> having enough trouble with Iranistanian bandits crossing the
> border. The last thing they need or want are the Red Skull and other 
> ODESSA nazis which have taken up residence in the lawless hills
> coming down to loot the wreckage.
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