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[GZG] Star Grunt at Fall In

From: mwowm <mwowm@r...>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 13:01:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [GZG] Star Grunt at Fall In

If any of you are going to Fall In, we are putting on a Star Grunt game.
Sides will include

the Red Skull 
Aryan sister hood 
and Grey Aliens

If anyone prereg's and has a side they prefer let me know I'll do what I
can to accommodate.

Event 175 Start: 4p End: 8p, No. Players: 4, Scale: 15mm, Period: Pulp,
Rules: Star Grunt rules which are a free download from , GM: Scott Cramer, Sponsor: North
Lancaster Wargamers
Six Feet Under - New Holland PA
Red Skull -vs- The Mujhadeen
  Something has crashed near some poppy fields in South West Orangistan
near the border -w- Iranistan.
The Mujhaden that control the area are not happy one bit. They've been
having enough trouble with Iranistanian bandits crossing the
border. The last thing they need or want are the Red Skull and other
ODESSA nazis which have taken up residence in the lawless hills
coming down to loot the wreckage.


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