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Re: [GZG] [FT] Campaign battles scoring

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 23:53:37 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] [FT] Campaign battles scoring

>I was curious if anyone is using a point system, and if it takes into
>account ship costs.
>As I'd like to have this a non-ship building campaign for the original
>majors, the kind of operation that's fought with what you brought with
>a quick and dirty system follows. Hull repair occurs between battle
>at bases, assuming the wounded ships can make it home. I'm particularly
>interested in thoughts on this part of the point structure.
>I've not pinned down the values of the objectives, except that there'll
>nine, low, middle, and high value, distributed at four, three, and two
>each, respectively; suggestions appreciated.
>- Hull damage to your ships at end of game
>+Opponents ships' hull damage during game (2x for historical enemies)
>+Opponents ships' full value if destroyed (minus previous damaged hull
>+Occupied target's values (L - low, M - medium, H - high) (Particular
>3 turns in system)

Just a couple of fairly random ideas, based on some stuff I've 
vaguely thought about but never written up enough to make a lot of 
sense....  ;-)

Make the number of full damage track rows lost (ie threshold points 
reached) be the deciding factor as to whether a ship is repairable, 
in what timescale and with what facilities; possible suggestions:

Some damage to first row only (first threshold not reached) = minor 
damage; can be repaired by ship's own onboard teams.

First threshold reached/passed: significant damage; will require help 
and supplies from other ships (fleet repair tenders etc) to repair.

Second threshold reached/passed: major damage; will require at least 
fleet base repair facilities and considerable time.

Third threshold reached/passed: crippling damage; ship may or may not 
be salvageable depending on time, facilities (full shipyard) and 
economic considerations. If not worth rebuilding, will probably be 
scuttled or end its life as a gunnery target or prison hulk....

All hull rows gone: lifeless drifting hulk, some parts may be 
scavenged for other ships, otherwise scrap value only!

All the above applies to 4-row hulls, and will of course need 
modifying if you choose to use 3 or 5 row designs. Systems lost at 
thresholds will also probably need accounting for; it may not be 
worth recovering a ship that can't make it back to base under its own 
power, particularly if the enemy is in possession of the battle zone 
at the end.

Jon (GZG)

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