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Re: [GZG] FoW, Shows and Aimless Gamers

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 14:39:23 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] FoW, Shows and Aimless Gamers

>FoW is tempting, the rulebook is beautiful and the miniatures are 
>very nice but 15mm is a new scale to me, I would be starting from 
>scratch and the miniatures do seem very expensive compared with, 
>say, Peter Pig or GZG. I would be tempted to use the rules with my 
>existing 20mm Great Patriotic War forces though. One of my local 
>model shops (Netmerchants) talked about getting it in but beyond a 
>sample copy and a few miniatures nothing happened, had they done so 
>I would probably have been hooked and reeled in.
>There was a fair bit of FoW at Bovington this year, I was quite 
>awestruck at the row upon row of blister packs, something I never 
>see outside of GW, my one local (80 mile round trip) gaming shop 
>does only GW miniatures so going to a proper wargaming show was a 
>great eye opener for me. Someone had a lot of some new 6mm SF game, 
>I forget the name though. Quite well done but not that nice if that 
>makes any sort of sense. Now I am hooked though, I am wondering what 
>other shows are reachable, Glasgow is probably the closest but 
>flights are not that expansive now making most of them reachable. 
>Leeds has the Royal Armouries as well of course. I must check and 
>see which ones GZG are attending.

Though we haven't been for several years, this year we ARE planning 
on going the Royal Armouries FIASCO on 26th Oct - so hope to see you 
there!	:-)

Jon (GZG)

>The latest set of rules I have is the few fantasy system from 
>Two-Hour Wargames, I have just printed out a copy and look forward 
>to reading it tonight. A friend is banging on about Warhammer but we 
>just cannot summon up any interest in any flavour of it so it looks 
>as if this set might scratch that fantasy itch for us and best of 
>all whatever miniatures we have will be peachy with it. We must get 
>back to SF though, now everyone can have their own rulebook and we 
>must have enough ships between us to make it work.
>I feel a bit like Mr. Morden at the moment asking our group "What do 
>you want?" but no one has any useful answers leaving me with a slew 
>of half finished projects (what would the proper collective noun for 
>that be) and no idea what to work on. I am just puddling, finishing 
>up several just to tidy the place up. SF skirmish looks like the 
>best bet so I should maybe run off some copies of Stargrunt or 
>actually read 5150!
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