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Re: [GZG] Troop potential

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Gzg-l mailing list
Gzg-l mailing list
found it very odd in the prequels that even Obi Wan seemed to buy into
the disposable trooper idea. That seemed very un-Jedi to me. He makes a
couple of remarks to Annikan about not helping clones who are in trouble
because they are doing their job. I read this as don't waste your time,
they are supposed to die.


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How did Lucas handle this in Star Wars?

I think Lucas completely ignored the moralistic implications of creating
a slave race of organic war droids to fight the metal war droids of
their opponents.

The clones were treated as expendable smart munitions without any of the
rights expected by other republic citizens.

As John Atkinson wrote; if you have highly trained and capable soldiers
that are disenfranchised from the society they are supposed to be
fighting for you have a risk of such troops deciding to take over and
remake the society.

If you take a conscript out of his society, subject them to intensive
indoctrination and then treat them badly (as many soviet conscripts were
rumoured to have been) how much of a part of society will they feel when
they are released back to civilian unemployment?

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