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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 21:13:56 +0000
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h, I'd have to say Good fighting only wins out over economy when the
differences in economies between the two parties is close or marginal at
best. When ou have a vast gap in economies, the economic giant can
afford to throw crappy soldiers and equipment against the enemy. I mean,
both the Russians and Americans in WW2 prove this and I invite anyone to
try to wage a way against the Chinese and see how goo your excellent
fighting stands up to an army that can be a billion strong if it needed
to be.


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> John Atkinson schrieb: 
> > And also buys into the myth of 'overwhelming economic resources'
> > the decisive factor. 
> > 
> > I never saw anyone killed with a chunk of GNP. 
> I would describe a tank or plane, a bullet or a nuke as a 'chunk of
> You think they are produced by cargo cult magic ? 
> > Theories that take the fighting out of an analysis of warfare are
worthless on 
> the face of 
> > it. 
> Depends on the level you are looking at. 
> Adam Tooze's 'The wages of Destruction' is thorough discussion of the 
> war against Germany at the economic level. Recommended, though rather 
> voluminous. 
> > Combat is the ultimate argument of nations, economics only sets the 
> > parameters of the combat. Good fighting overcomes economics 
> > frequently. 
> That's what German and Japanese commanders believed. They got away
> it for a few years - until the allies got their act together to 
> outproduce AND outfight them. 
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> Karl Heinz 
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