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Gzg-l mailing list
Gzg-l mailing list
the larger hovercraft, I surpriszed to see that they are able to run
maintenance inside the plenum normal operation. Their is room enough and
the pressure exerted inside the plenum is low enough for a crewman to
move about, patching the skirt from within and checking on components
and performing minor damage control. It sounds crazy, but it's true.

I know in Slammers, the GEVs seems to control movement through
directional thrust provided by the lifting fans and from what I've read
and seen, don't have any exterior stearing veins or rudder.


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A close friend's dad just retired a few years ago as the CCG's only
hovercraft inspector. This job took him all over Canada inspecting hover
vehicles. I think you'll find that some hover vehicles are quite simple
(the equivalent of a VW bug). But anything large or commercial grade is
actually reasonably complex as a mechanical system. If it has to carry
passengers, moreso. Of course, combat units don't have to carry
passengers, but they have to be capable of sustaining some amount of
combat damage, including damage to the fans, the air cushion itself (the
containment system), or the engines as well as damage to various
steering mechanisms and any actual combat systems or embarked personel. 

I would tend to assume GEVs are different than wheeled vehicles, but no
less complex. A military wheeled vehicle strives to be very capable and
maintainable which argues for a certain simplicity. Military GEVs are
probably about as complex, at a guess, just with different problems. 

GEVs would likely have some sort of rollers for movement with the fans
powered down - a tow while in depot, for instance. They might be tucked
up under the plenum in some retractile mount so you might not see them,
but they'd likely be there.

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