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Re: [GZG] And now for something completely different...

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 15:17:27 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] And now for something completely different...

>2008/7/11 Damond Walker <<>>:
>What is SG:AC?
>I think SG:AC är Stargrunt:Assault Company. Rules written for 15mm

Yes, exactly that. Something that I'm working on (with feedback from 
the playtest group) to fit in between SGII and DSII, designed for 
reinforced-company-level forces. Still in early alpha form at the 
moment with a number of major decisions still to be made about rule 
mechanics, but I hope it will progress to a reasonably complete 
playtestable beta version before TOO long.

I haven't said much about it outside the playtest group because it's 
still at a very early stage - it's not exactly secret, but much may 
change before it's in any shape for even a limited playtest release, 
so there hasn't been a lot to tell you yet.

What I CAN say with reasonable certainty is:

It will be called STARGRUNT: ASSAULT COMPANY, to keep the link to 
SGII on which a lot of it is based. Hence SG:AC, with or without the 

It is designed primarily for 15mm figures and vehicles, with infantry 
based as multi-figure stands (typically 3-5 man fireteam stands, 
though 2-man teams and full squad stands will also feature depending 
on organisation and tech level) and vehicles based individually.
Basing size and shape is non-critical, so those of you with 
single-based figures for SGII needn't worry - you can just blu-tack 
them to a card fireteam base, or even just move a little clump of 
them around as a single element. Using 10mm, 6mm etc. with it should 
not be a problem.

Typical forces at medium tech levels will be Company sized - three or 
four platoons plus maybe some supporting units. Lower tech forces may 
be larger, and higher-tech ones much smaller than this. Tech level 
differences will feature particularly strongly, with a platoon-sized 
force of very high-tech troops being able to take on a couple of 
companies or more of low-tech in what we hope will be a reasonable 
game matchup.

The game mechanics will be broadly similar to both SGII and DSII in 
many ways (still the FMA system at the core of it), but we WILL be 
changing things where we feel there is better way of doing them. 
While we will try to keep as much overall consistency between the 
games as practical, the overall goal is to make SG:AC as good as we 

Yes, it's an unashamed and blatantly commercial attempt to get you 
all to buy lots of our lovely 15mm figures and vehicles. However it 
will remain as broadly generic as possible so that you can use your 
own setting if you wish, it won't be specifically tied to just the 

No, I don't know when it will be ready for release, or in what format 
it will be published, but when something is ready you will all be 
among the first to know!  ;-)

Jon (GZG)

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