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Re: [GZG] GW

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 12:14:28 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] GW

Ryan wrote on 07/10/2008 12:14:38 AM:

> I started with the Rogue Trader days. Built squat
> forces in 25mm and later, when epic came out with
> the 5 figure square bases built a large force of
> squats for that. I have somewhere around 100
> figures for 40k with scratch built and kitbashed
> vehicles from the GW line of vehicles. (I even
> kitbashed a TOC version of the Rhino.)

I had a number of the lads when a friend borrowed them, along with
sprues of figs, which he combined with some Beakies to make buff Squats,
you can imagine.

As an aside, I'm more of an industrial guy, preferring NIN, but enjoy
darker parts of the background, when not obviously directed at fourteen
year olds...

> Naturally as things were dropped it got harder to
> go to tournaments and successfully fight a battle
> since I had NO "fancy" hero figures and often
> time tournaments were stacked towards the newer
> codex.

I've never been that interested in tourneys. I guess not enough killer
instinct. Makes the fanboy aspect harder to take too, though.

> Epic was more interesting for longer with the
> large amount of squat specific machines and
> figures (not just bikers and infantry). I have at
> last count 2 land trains with additional cars,
> something like 8 of the super heavy squat
> vehicles (leviathans, collossi and cyclops), 2
> bike squadrons, 1 gyrocopter squadron, a squadron
> of airships, the heavy artillery, mole mortars
> and hordes of infantry mounted on rhinos, land
> raiders and on foot. I think I could lay down
> nearly 15,000 points of figures all told (plus
> some Space marine and Imp Guard allies at another
> 3000 pts or so). Then, GW when and changed the
> rules utterly for how 'Epic' Worked. Changed the
> rules so frontage required 5 figure line bases
> for infantry and didn't update the squat rules
> for the new system. And a number of other changes
> and no squats as I recall. So, I bailed from the
> game.

Though I never did play much, I did collect the SM/E Squat figs for
Hey, you've got to occasionally love being the downtrodden.

I'll have to find a place to put piccies of the land train a friend made
for me out of a 1/35 Maus and three 1/35 German Armoured Railway cars.
V2 looked good, but I couldn't get him to do the crenolations. Maybe if
take some of the Warhammer Fortresses I've got...

I never did get far on the Capitolis Imperialis from a couple of styro
coolers and a couple of styrene inboxes for track covers.

> With the lack of even a basic codex for squats in
> 40k and Epic, I was utterly through with spending
> money. It didn't help that I remembered buying
> the box set of 3 Rhinos for $25 when now, the
> same exact simple injection moulded model cost
> what, $50 for 1?

Now you're sounding as old as I; I think they were a bit pricey then,
you could find small tank models for less than five. You're memory isn't
making allowances for inflation. Also, it's $30US. At least, that's what
we're charging. Still causes me to choke, a bit.

> I more or less got disgusted with the whole hobby
> for a time, then a few years later found
> Dirtside, and it satisfied my desire for GOOD
> solid wargaming.

While not a fan of DS, sorry Bill, I can admire it as a solid game. You
HAVE chosen wisely.

Now, I gather we've yet another vote for dropping the thread. May we?


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