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From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 10:21:19 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] GW

At 7:23 PM +1000 7/10/08, John Tailby wrote:
>Ryan, I played that same edition of epic. The 
>problem I found was that some of the points 
>sytems for the units were really out of balance. 
>Too many of the units used special rules, a 
>fault of several GW games at that time, such 
>that the units that used the basic rules were in 
>the minority.

I'll respond on the base point. I'd have b een 
happy if they'd maintained the ocdex, updated any 
stats for the new rule and maybe come out with 
something every couple of months or even once a 
year just to put something new for the squats 
out. I dragged my figures out last night just to 
get a good idea on what I actually had. I was 
never disappointed with the detail on the early 
squats that were possible nor was I unhappy with 
the ones that were fixed. I actually managed to 
kitbash and modify a number of figures to equip 
them with power gloves and other such things.

I was actually VERY happy with the Epic squat 
figures, character and function. In 40K it was a 
bit tired but they were still tough. I had a 
friend at the time who played chaos marines, 
World Eaters and the like. The several games we 
played, were VERY tough for him in close combat, 
because normal squats in CC were enough to HANG 
on for a turn and drag it out allowing me to pile 
on other units to take his close combat units if 
the dice were with me. For him it was a VERY near 
thing. He found living ancestors to be VERY 
dreadfully tough to deal with with their 8 

All I wanted was at a minimum, updated stats and even a basic codex.
Ryan Gill
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