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Re: [GZG] GW and Re: Artillery considerations (was: Re: Help

From: John Tailby <john_tailby@x...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 12:59:11 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Re: [GZG] GW and Re: Artillery considerations (was: Re: Help

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Agree with this. 
Even if GW stopped with special rules for a particular unit like they
did with the Imperial Robots when they changed the game from the role
playing based game Rogue Trader into the initial incarnation of a
wargame, there is nothing to stop you using the robot models as any
other unit, you could use them as Ogryns or Sentinels or as allied Grey
Knight terminators. Most 40k players I know would be interested in the
models and think their inclusion cool and interesting.

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Nobody says that has to happen with your minis, either....:)
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> At 11:07 PM +0000 7/9/08, wrote: 
> >I think any time you amass a large number of any 
> >one thing you are collecting. The motivation 
> >doesn't change the reality. 
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> Nobody's coming out with new rules every 4 years 
> that makes my existing armoured cars obsolete and 
> useless. 
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> Ryan Gill 

Nonsense, I played 40K from the Rogue Trader days and my wife has been
involved since 2nd Edition, the last time we were involved with 40K
was last November and I was very nearly an outrider at one time (and
two of my good friends were outriders).  The concerns raised here, in
the vast majority, STILL apply to GW.  They aren't evil, but they are
_not_ loyal to their customers (or their fans or their outriders).
Just wait, play long enough and they will do it to you too.  I expect
that in a few years you too will join the ex-GW player support group.

Til then, have fun, but don't try to tell us that things are
different, all it takes is thumbing through a White Dwarf to see they
haven't changed (see any squats?).  If GW changed, they would get a
TON of old players back, rather than providing a steady pool of
recruits for other games (or, unfortunately, no games in some cases).

I have played GW games since the early 90s and have not stopped enjoying
it in all that time. I am interested in the idea that GW are not loyal
to their customers and if they changed into something else they would
win back disaffected players from the outer darkness of the gaming
dimensions. What do you want GW to change into? What would good games
company that is also a large lsited corporation look and act like?
I want a game where there is regular and ongoing development in the
game. I want designers to be able to fix their mistakes with ugly rules
or badly defined units and not be stuck with them forever. I want high
quality production values, colour pictures etc. I want new and expanding
and refreshed model lines.
GW dropped squats over 10 years ago. Should a company be unable to
discontinue support for a model range that isn't selling? Do you see
people protesting outside Mongoose because they dropped their B5 game
and Starship Troopers?
If you were playing 40k recently as 6 months ago what is that game like
to play? What are the good game mechanisms and what are not? What is
the figure quality like compared to other companies? Do the wide
availability of platic models give you more opportunity to convert and
personalise you models than other all metal suppliers?
Complaining about decisions made 10 years ago doesn't have any bearing
about the way the game is played now. It would be worth mentioning that
in the last 10 years GW has stopped support for one game race meaning
you can't use the figures unless you adapt them to a current codex, and
there have been suggestions as to how to do this with Squats and in the
same period they have added 5-6 new codexes. 
If I were playing Full Thrust at all regularly and I was allowed to pick
my own designs there's nothing worht buying but biotech models. Once you
move past the fleet book designed you can get rid of the crap systems
and max out on generators and drone wombs. You get some really killer
ships that normal tech free form designs can't match

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