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From: "Robert Mayberry" <robert.mayberry@g...>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:44:07 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

My experience:

It's MUCH easier to find someone to play with.

The game is gigantically expensive. Rules are written and re-written
frequently. The figures are expensive, especially vehicles.

The sculpt and cast quality of the figures are excellent. The visual
style is a matter of taste-- GW's figures are definitely not what
you'd call hard science fiction. They're more of a medieval fantasy
with science fiction trappings. If you want a 6mm force to match your
25mm force, you're probably out of luck-- Epic 40k is very limited in
the miniatures that are out.

Say what you will about GW players (and I've had mostly good
experiences there), but the average paint quality is excellent. I
learned a LOT on the GW website, magazines and codices about how to
paint minis.

GW games and gamers are unforgiving of using other companies' model
ranges. They've got a very top-down approach to managing their
players, who are often very young.

They're aggressive about their channel management, too. Your best bet
is to find a reputable retailer who sells GW stuff at a 20% discount
or so. Otherwise you'll pay retail. Availability is excellent: they
have their own stores, have a good footprint in retail, and an
excellent online store.

I haven't played 5th ed yet but, tactically, there's little to
recommend the game. Some units charge into melee. Others line up and
shoot. The rules are cumbersome and silly. Winning is heavily driven
by army composition-- and you end up buying new units to optimize your
force comp because the rules are always changing (obviously more $$$).
The game is designed to feel "heroic" rather than "realistic". Writing
and editing quality are on par with the industry.

Their space game, Battlefleet: Gothic, is IMO excellent. It's the
softest of science fiction, but it's a fun game if you only play out
of the main rulebook. It's fast-paced, fun and tactically rich. And I
think there are aspects of this game (specifically crew quality) that
FT could benefit from. A nice side benefit of BFG is that since it's
only half-heartedly supported by GW, the fleet and rules I bought in
2000 are still fine today.


On 7/2/08, Fred Kiesche <> wrote:
> Some friends are trying to get me hooked on WarHamster 40K. I've heard
that the road to that game leads to financial ruin. Anybody recomend the

Robert Mayberry

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