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Re: [GZG] Multi-level rules sought.

From: "Michael" <mwsaber6@m...>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:40:44 -0600
Subject: Re: [GZG] Multi-level rules sought.

thinking about this it would seem that only a computer game might
Imagine an RTS (Age of Empires?) that allowed you to "zoom in" on an
area to 
then maneuver forces and then "zoom in" again into a FPS game (Halo?). 
would keep running the "world" while you are at other zoom levels.

Michael Brown

From: "Robert Mayberry" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 4:16 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: [GZG] Multi-level rules sought.

> I think the best way to handle it would be a critical incident kind of
> approach. In other words (example)
> Ryan is raiding Rob's research colony in a system to acquire some hot
> new weapons technology. This constitutes an event in their ongoing
> campaign. You then pick the game you want to play and decide how that
> exemplifies the turning point in the event. The two of them could:
> Play a FT game: Ryan inserts forces planetside. Rob tries to stop him.
> If Ryan wins, we assume his forces land successfully and conduct the
> raid.
> Play a DS game: Ryan attacks the colony. Here we assume forces landed
> successfully. If he can take the research complex and get infantry
> there, we assume the rest goes according to plan.
> Play a SG game: Rob makes a commando raid on Ryan's deployment area to
> kill his technical intelligence team. If he succeeds, Ryan's whole
> raid was for nought. If he fails, the raid is successful.
> Either way, we use success in whatever game is played as a microcosm
> for the battle as a whole. Either it's a critical turning point, or
> it's simply considered typical of the success of the entire mission.
> You end up playing the games you want to play-- which in a big group
> where not everyone has an equal love of each system is important.
> You're never FORCED to play a particular system. Even a deep space
> encounter (which considering the relative velocities involved should
> be vanishingly rare) could be modelled with SG as that boarding action
> you were talking about that was the tipping point for a larger battle.
> An integrated game like you're discussing could be really cool,
> though. I simply haven't ever tried anything nearly that complicated.
> I'll bet where it really shines is in a convention setting, where you
> have multiple players on the same team.
> Rob
> On 4/30/08, Adrian1 <> wrote:
>> I want to give priority to the Stargrunt end of the game.  If I have
>> company of experienced stargrunt troops that have a good bit of
>> to
>> them, I want them to be able to compete in the upper levels without
>> entire existance relying on the roll of one die.
>> At Dirtside level, the company could be tasked with taking or
guarding a
>> village while the rest of the army fights all over the field.  When 
>> others
>> are dealt with normally, I would like to zoom in on my company to 
>> Stargrunt
>> it, so to speak.
>> At Full Thrust level, they could be tasked with a boarding action. 
>> the fleets clash normally, you zoom in on the company action using
>> plans, etc so they can take or lose the ship in a more personal
>> I can see major problems with this idea since it would require you to

>> stop
>> the higher level game while you ran a skirmish level game, however
>> sure
>> a GM could make something work.
>> I don't have a problem with losing troops or PCs at skirmish level
>> that is part of the game, howvever losing a full company to a single
>> roll irritates me).	I would opt to convert a Dirtside armoured 
>> battalion
>> to Stargrunt level and let my company get wiped out that way since at

>> least
>> they have some chance.
>> I know it makes for a complicated game but its not like I'm in a
>> J L Hilal wrote:
>> --- Adrian1 <> wrote:
>> What I'm looking for is someones attemp at comnbining the three
> of
>> GZG universe rules.
> I would like to know what relationship there is between
>> full Thrust,
> Dirtside and Stargrunt units so I can engage in a
>> "role-playing"
> campaign where a company of stargrunt troops try not to get
>> obliterated
> by an unlucky die roll in Full Thrust.
> While I could probably
>> do it myself, I'd rather leave it to "the
> committee" so there is some kind
>> of average.
>> The answer to that depends on exactly what you are asking. If you are
>> asking
> specifically for the GZG-universe, then that is already available in
>> the
> conversion rules in More Thrust. If, on the other hand, you are
>> for
> something more generic, either for your own setting or for something
>> else like
> B5, SW, ST(any), BSG, HH, or whatever, then you have to be aware
>> that the GZG
> setting (and conversion system) has really tiny space ships (1
>> MASS = 100t).
> Ground fores (and fighters) therefor take up a lot of MASS in
>> the published
> conversions. The GZG background is designed around really
>> small ground forces
> The sample Assault Transport in FB1 has a total of 32
>> MASS for both troops and
> vehicles.
> For example, a modern US LHD or LPD
>> amphib would be a TMF 350-400 FT ship based
> on tonnage, and use 40 MASS just
>> to barrack its 2000 marines, not including the
> LCACs, AAVs, helicopters,
>> Harriers, Ospreys, or ground vehicles like tanks and
> LAVs. Similarly, a
>> Nimitz-type supercarrier converts to TMF 900-1000.
> For Sci-fi examples, the
>> MT conversion is barracks for 50 troops = 1 MASS. The
> B5 episode "Gropos"
>> had 25,000 troops (500 MASS for barracks) plus vehicles,
> VTOL gunships,
>> assault shuttles, etc. on 1 Nova-class destroyer and 5
>> transport
> ships.
> Conversion based on tonnage makes Kirk's Enterprise
>> (movies) ~ TMF 2000, and
> Enterprise-D ~ TMF 50,000
> Conversion based on
>> tonnage makes Honor Harrington LACs ~ TMF 400, DDs ~ TMF
> 800, and SDNs ~ TMF
>> 80,000. Havenite Longstop-class fast assault transport ~
> TMF 60,000.
> Try
>> building (FB system) a Star Destroyer including the ground legion
>> (10,000
> troops, 20xAT-AT, 30xAT-ST), assault transports, assault shuttles,
>> etc.
> Obviously, these settings need a different conversion factor, perhaps
>> 1 MASS =
> 1000t, 2000t, 5000t, or 10,000t, and then multiply the ground
>> troops conversion
> by a corresponding factor (x10, 20, 50 or 100). This will
>> allow you to pack
> more troops onto your
>> transports.
> J
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