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Re: [GZG] [GZG ECC XI] [AAR] Broadsword: The Raid

From: Mark Kinsey <Kinseym@p...>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 12:12:25 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] [GZG ECC XI] [AAR] Broadsword: The Raid


Very well done AAR. Obviously a lot of work. Thank you for doing it. My 
website for those pictures is at

I have a few minor quibbles, the TFL did not have any kind of rocket 
launcher. I'm sure they wished they had. Just semi-auto SLR's (listed as

hunting rifles). Giving them full-auto assault-rifles seemed to give 
them too much firepower. I toyed with giving them a recoilless rifle 
stand. Perhaps in the sequel game I'm planning...

The mercs are under contract for the Vilisan government which has kept 
the planet of Garda-Vilis (it means "new Vilis") under it's heel, only 
allowing a limited amount of manufacturing industries on planet. Before 
the Vilisan gov't took over the planet was called Tanoose. Tanoose was a

failed colony, and the Vilisan government took over to "save" the 
colonists. The rebellion forces are called the Tanoose Freedom League 
even though almost no one on the planet is a descendant of the original 

I have to agree with you about being generous in the judging the 
scenario outcome and agree with your tactical assessment. Successful 
merc players have used the Cutters to attack the roadblock on Turn one 
(one shot for each squad). This allows the mercs to fly down the road 
and bypass that entire platoon. Then they spend the remainder of their 
shots on the other two platoons. Firing on buildings filled with 
civilians or random trucks does not help. They have 6 turns and they 
can't waste any time or any shots. Since they can't fire from cutter 2 
the turn they land troops, they only get 11 shots. The mercs need to be 
well coordinated among the players and move quickly.

What's fun about this for me is that I remember the scenario (and much 
of the Traveller background) as being black and white. As an adult I 
recognize the many shades of gray involved. I remember reading 
Broadsword as a teenager, but I never had enough miniatures to pull off 
running the scenarios properly. So really, this scenario was about 24 
years in the making. I've been actively thinking and preparing for it 
for a year.

I'll be running a scenario from the back of the Striker II rules called 
"Strength on Strength" at TravellerCon/USA.

Also under consideration for TravellerCon is either running "Broadsword:

The Raid" again, or a sequel.

I also have enough forces to run a Traveller:TNE scenario called 
"Freedom's Call", again a scenario from the back of the Striker II

-Mark Kinsey

Tom B wrote:
> Please pardon the textual blockishness. I have realized this badly
> needs split up into multiple pages, but I didn't have the energy to do
> so - I just wanted to get it up. The nasty thing about these tasks is
> they stall if you don't push through to some kind of conclusion, even
> if it is only 70% of what you want. So, better to get something up
> than something half-done never to see the light of day.
> I will be subdividing it into separate pages for the various topics. I
> will also be adding a map graphic, maybe a board layout image, and
> some pictures of the event if Mark Kinsey (or anyone else who had pics
> from ECC of this event) would kindly a) permit me to use them and b)
> send me a link of where to find them. Mark already said I could use
> his, but I lost the link.... (argh!)
> I'd like to thank the people who played this scenario with me: Jerry,
> Damond, Megan, Kieth. And of course our Ref, Mark Kinsey. It was one
> of the most fun scenarios I've played at ECC and that says a lot.
> I plan to gradually crank out AARs for the other events I was in (Mars
> Needs Women, Battle of Two Suns, and the 2300 AD Event I ran) but they
> take a fair bit of time to write up intelligently (or the best I can
> manage) and even longer to get ready for the web. They'll happen
> eventually though.
> TomB

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