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[GZG] [OFFICIAL] SALUTE 2008 and "old" FT ships....

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 12:25:25 +0000
Subject: [GZG] [OFFICIAL] SALUTE 2008 and "old" FT ships....

GZG at SALUTE 2008:

We will be at SALUTE as usual on Saturday 18th April, at EXCEL in 
London Docklands ( for show info). We will be on 
stand TK15, an island-end stand near the East Seating Area and the 
Bring and Buy, exactly the same spot as we had last year.

SALUTE PRE-ORDERS: To save your time and ours at this very busy show, 
and to ensure you don't find we've sold out of the things you want, 
we are happy to take pre-orders for the collection at the show. 
Because the last week of preparation before the event is so hectic, 
our cut-off date for ALL pre-orders is Friday 11th April to give us 
time to pack them.  All show pre-orders MUST be pre-paid (by card or 
now by PAYPAL!), but in return for this we are offering you a 10% 
discount on them! Please place your pre-orders online through our 
store as usual, but put "SALUTE COLLECTION" in the Shipping Address 
field - we'll process and pack them all ready for you, and deduct the 

Since we've now re-done all the "Big Four" Full Thrust fleets (as the 
NEW STYLE NAC, ESU, NSL and FSE), the "old" original ship designs are 
now coming to the end of their run.  They will continue to be 
available by mailorder while the moulds are still useable, but SALUTE 
2008 is that LAST show to which we will be taking the old-style minis 
stock, and even there we may only have very limited quantities of 
some items. So, if you still especially want some of the original 
design ships, you can either take your chances on what we have on the 
day, or place a pre-order as above and be sure of getting them.

We will be launching a number of new items at SALUTE, more info on these


Jon (GZG)

Feel free to cross-post this info on any other forums or lists where 
it might be of interest!

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