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Re: [GZG] : My own thoughts on CA weapons etc

From: Mike Hillsgrove <mikeah@c...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 22:07:14 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] : My own thoughts on CA weapons etc

 >>OK, I am not in the military and know very little of the realities of

close quarter battle (for which I am immensely grateful). So all of the 
following is based on my imagination/reading and the rules. As such, if 
I am talking out of my posterior in the below then I will not be 
offended if somebody were to tell me.

Most combat takes place at a medium or short range for whatever the 
common weapon is AND for the type of ground you are fighting on. In the 
desert where the ranges are long and the cover is nonexistent, that 
range may be several hundred yards to several thousand yards.  In the 
woods and hills that may come down to less than several hundred feet.  
In a town, within a building, that gets down to the next room.	Knives 
and "personal" weapons are useful when combat is close, the gun is 
jammed, when you can sneak up on your opponent, and when you have to 
make it really personal.

Most of the time you are not shooting at anyone specific - that is a 
wargame myth.  Most of the time you can't see your opponent - you are 
shooting at an area - because very few folks are stupid enough to be 
seen. Only really good troops do much aiming.  Remember that the 
universal number is 1%. 1% of bullets actually hit their enemy on 
average.  When firing automatic, only the first 3 rounds count, after 
that you are firing at the birds.  Yea, this is why the newest version 
of the M-16 fires 3 round bursts. 

Note that the 1% applies in the AWI with a 3 round a minute musket, an 
M1 Garand of WWII or an M-16 in Iraq. 

Most buildings today are made up of wall board, wood, and hollow doors. 

Inside a building, don't expect to have doors and walls stop bullets.  

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