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Re: [GZG] New GZG 15mm vehicle pics

From: "james mitchell" <tagalong@s...>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 19:46:22 +0930
Subject: Re: [GZG] New GZG 15mm vehicle pics

Gzg-l mailing list for what it's
worth, I think that a 15mm sci-fi scale is the ducks guts, with 15yr
old's playing F.O.W  in 15mm, they are not put off by the 15mm scale
these days, I think they use to see 15mm as the old boy's scale, and the
rules to support 15's for historical periods, were painful to say the
least , and  some of the historical period figure's were just as bad.
 In the past decade any new GW gamer, yes I use the dreaded, I got into
this hobby playing GW phrase,  was a 28mm gamer, I think that wargaming
is like fashion, what's hot one minute is last season the next, sure you
can wear your levi's with everything but give short's a chance. How many
people brought other company's, 6mm sci fi to go with there OGRE or
Battletech games. 
No seriously you can way up the pro's and con's of 15. But I think not
to do 15's, from a manufacturing point of view, would be a far greater
crime.Well done jon.

remember if you may like 15mm sci fi,but your mate might not, or no one
may no that 15mm sci fi  exsist.

my advice, If you demo them they will come.

If they see them painted they will by.

If your demo table, yell's louder than the GW demo table they will flock
to you.

And if you charge 35 dollars Aus for one 18cent Aus figure , when it's
dad's turn to take you for the weekend he will by your love, by the

Oh 1980's 6mm warsaw pact forces, the lead sinker's of a 1990's wargamer
who fisher's.


no I will not be getting any 15's, my 25's may rebel, I saw that Night
at the Museum.

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