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Re: [GZG] New GZG 15mm vehicle pics

From: Mark Kinsey <Kinseym@p...>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 22:04:04 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] New GZG 15mm vehicle pics

John Lerchey wrote:
> It can be as flawed as you like.  I say that I hate 15mm.  It should
be ok for me to hate them. YOU can like or love them. It bothers me not.
 My response to Mark was supposed to be very tongue in cheek.
> I'm happy to drop this now.
> J
> John K. Lerchey
> Assistant Director for Incident Response
> Information Security Office
> Carnegie Mellon University
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I'm glad you took my comment in the spirit it was intended. I thought 
your response was excellent. It just goes to show how personal scale 
decisions are. It has alot to do with history and personal aesthetics.

I started mini gaming in 15mm with Striker and the old Martian Metals 
minis when I was in my teens. I didn't play with them for over 20 years.

Then a little over a year ago  Suddenly one night I got curious whether 
there were any 15mm vehicles out there (always a problem in the old 
days). Martian Metals made a few which have now been re-released by 
RAFM. I discovered GZG that night and spent several hours on web 
searches. A few nights later I was wondering if there were any cons I 
could go to. Imagine my surprise to discover GZG ECC was two hours away 
in Lancaster, PA.

I like painting 15mm, I love working my old minis into a scenario. I've 
spent a fair amount of money collecting figs and vehicles that I 
desperately wanted as a kid . So I can't abandon 15mm. I also like the 
look of the figure scale to ground scale ratio. A look at the pictures 
from Stuart Murray's "Company Rules" game from GZG IX will tell you why 
I love 15mm.

If I didn't have any 15mm I'd probably be more active in 6mm and 25mm. I

have a few of each scale I haven't done anything with. After the latest 
offering from GZG and the re-release of the vehicles from RAFM I'm even 
more solidly in the 15mm camp. As soon as Jon issues the 15mm Grav Tank 
and APC's in platoon packs I'll place an order.

-Mark Kinsey

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