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Re: [GZG] New GZG 15mm vehicle pics

From: "John Lerchey" <lerchey@a...>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 01:22:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [GZG] New GZG 15mm vehicle pics

Hey, I'm a man of strong opinion, and I don't bow down the masses,
unless they've actually stoned me. :)

So, my rant is basically as follows. Many, many years ago, I started
gaming in 25mm. Not 28mm, that explosion came much later.  25mm.  Old
Minifigs (before they started turning their napoleonics into frogs), Der
Kreigspieler, McEwan (now Reversco), and others.  I had huge armies of
Ral Partha fantasy minis, etc. And I was able to paint them. :)

My group also did WWII in micro.  GHQ and H&R mostly, with a bit of CinC
thrown in.  I could paint them too.

With the 25s, I was able to paint the detail to the level of the mini. 
There were plenty of details on the figs, and they were all acheivable.

For 6mm, there was les to do, but as you folks from the ECC know, I do
ok painting them.  I'm not saying that others don't paint better, 'cause
I've certainly seen better work on 6mm than I have the patience or skill
for, but I'm usually pretty happy with my work.

I painted a battalion of Minifig 15mm Napoleonic Coldstream Guards on
commission for a friend once.  45 figures or so.  The 15s had about the
same level of detail as the 25s that I had been painting for myself. 
But they were smaller.	And some of the detail, like the collars with
the backpacks sticking up above them, made it really freakin' hard to do
the piping.

Thus, I hate painting them.

Further, most people that I've talked to about why they switch to 15s,
claim to do so for cost reasons.  "15s is cheeper than 25s". But many of
those same people won't do 6mm.  "6s are too small."  I find that to be
a specious set of arguments.  Folks claim that it's a cost issue, but
6mm is cheaper than 15mm.  They claim that the 6mm stuff is too small,
but never say *why* they are too small.

I hate 15mm stuff for religious reasons.

Now, that said, before all of you 15 fanatics plan for my lynching at
ECC XI, let me show you what a hypocrit I can be. ;)

I have used some 15mm minis as "small aliens" for 25mm games.  And I've
liked them.  Ral Partha, back in the early 80s released a few boxed sets
of minis in "game in a box" format.  One game had 15mm asteroid miners
against   a bunch of aliens in pressure suits.	I loved the aliens, and
have about 50 or so of them.  I guess I can hate 15mm but not hate all

Further, I've seen some VERY nice games played out in 15mm. Indy's
GZGverse hits WWII game (Castle Wolfenstein) at ECC X was incredibley
fun, and looked great, and was done in 15mm.  And Jon's new range of
15mm vehicles has simply been spectacular.  VERY nice models.  I like
the designs, the style, and the quality of the minis.  I just don't like
the scale.

There.	Now I've spread my hatred.  

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot.  I hate 2mm.  They're too small. :D
(execpt that I have a few of Germys ground attack craft - they're so
damned cute!)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled adoration of all things



> John Lerchey wrote:
>> Ok, I'm not as fast as Paul some days...
>> Still, they're up.
>> <>
>> :)
>> And if I might say, considering that I hate 15mm, Darned nice looking
>> stuff! Now, to get Jon to do them all in 6mm....
>> J
>> John K. Lerchey Assistant Director for Incident Response Information
>> Security Office Carnegie Mellon University
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> John,
> Thanks alot (again).
> I'm curious though. Hate is a pretty strong word. Do you really hate
> 15mm?
> There's alot of scales I don't play, but I don't *hate* them.
> -Mark Kinsey
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