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RE: [GZG] [OFFICIAL] Salute releases....!

From: "Paul Owen" <paul@b...>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 00:03:18 +0100
Subject: RE: [GZG] [OFFICIAL] Salute releases....!

Did I beat John, pictures in the online gallery at

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> Hi all,
> The following NEW items will be launched at Salute this Saturday
> (21st); they'll be up on the webstore next week for online ordering.
> We'll have stock of all these at the show, plenty of the NSL ships
> but probably only a very limited number of the new 15mm vehicles, so
> if you're coming along then come and see us as early as you can!
> For the New-style NSL fleet:
> FT533 	Light carrier (CVL)			£7.00
> FT534 	Heavy carrier (CVH)			£12.00
> FT535 	Missile Destroyer (DDM) - pack of 2	£2.50
> FT536 	Assault Transport (LSO) 	£5.00
> FT537 	Escort Carrier (CVE)			£4.00
> FT539 	Strike carrier (CVS)			£9.00
> FT540 	Heavy battleship (BBH)		£6.00
> FT546 Light Cruiser (CL) variant type 	£2.00
> FT547 Escort Cruiser (CE) variant type		£2.50
> FT551 New Light Fighters (pack of 6)		£1.00
> FT552 New Heavy Fighters (pack of 6)		£1.00
> This effectively completes the new-style NSL fleet, though we may add
> just a few more odd classes and variants (support ships, variant
> fighter types etc) at some point soon.
> PLUS.... as the vacc-heads have had it their way for the last few
> batches of releases, something for the (15mm) ground-pounders again!
> We've JUST completed and moulded an all-new HIGH TECH GRAV TANK (in
> 15mm); when we did the first Grav releases last year, we said that
> they represented the "early" applications of grav tech - and we
> promised that some more cutting-edge vehicles would follow. So,
> here's the first - great for higher-tech forces such as the UNSC
> hardsuit troopers. APCs and other variants to follow soon, but we
> wanted to get this first one out for the show! A 10-part (including
> options) all-metal kit, with choice of 3 different gun barrels, 2
> different sensor fits or laser point-defence system!
> Plus at the other extreme (almost), we have a cute little
> civilian/military hover pickup truck, ideal for supply hauling or
> carrying around heavy weapons teams for your lower-tech or militia
> forces; it comes in 2 parts with 2 alternative driver figures (in
> helmet and field cap).
> V15-18A	High-Tech Grav Tank (complete with all options) £8.00
> V15-19A	Light Hovertruck (with 2 driver figures)
£3.00 each
> More pics of everything will be up on our webstore soon!
> Hope to see some of you on Saturday.
> Jon (GZG)
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