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Re: [GZG] Thrusting in the Cherryverse

From: "Richard Bell" <rlbell.nsuid@g...>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 20:42:48 -0600
Subject: Re: [GZG] Thrusting in the Cherryverse

Gzg-l mailing list 4/7/07, Zoe
Brain <> wrote:
> Given that the assault on Manticore involved Mass Megadeath, not
> Millions of casualties, but Millions of deaths, I think the
> psychological effects on the two nations will be extreme. The RMN has
> been destroyed, all but a rump  (which fortunately for Manticore has
> UberWeapon du Jour so is unbeatable - just too tiny to do more than
> defend). The RHN navy is having to build new factories to build the
> factories to build the printing presses to print "The President of the
> Republic Deeply Regrets...." notices for the mass slaughter.

No.  The Republic of Haven is a lot bigger than the Star Kingdom of
Manticore, they do not need to build factories to build the  printing
presses.  There is more than enough capacity.  Assuming navy personnel
drawn uniformly from each republican system, most people who have lost a
loved one, but do not live on post, will not know anyone else who has. 
single planet will have print runs exceeding several thousand.	If they
not evenly distributed, you accept a notification delay and distribute
notice printing.

The size of the RoH is such that if they absolutely had to do remount
Beatrice, they could do the second one in six or eight weeks, a third
one in
less than a year, and subsequent repeats every three years.  The costs
be terrible, but it might work.

The Solarian League is in another class, entirely.  The SLN would take
a year to organize the first attempt on siezing Manticore, but could do
every week until it worked, and never notice the casualties.

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