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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 17:15:09 +1000
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Day 0

	Major Csaba Hudak looked out over his men and was proud.  The
contract called for the security of the town of Kimpo and to hold
NAC forces until the ESU relief column arrived in 8 days.  Resistance
been light, but then comms intercepted a "detain and arrest" order for
over some incident in New Austin.  Intel had Atkinson's Arrows assigned
the mission.  They were expected to arrive any day now...

	Col Atkinson strapped in tighter as the dropship made the final
braking thrust in a 3G combat landing at grid referance B2.  Resistance
supposed to be light, but the pinging of guided missiles on the hull
at least something dangerous was around.  With a grinding crunch of
they set down and through the haze of dislodged dust the widening hanger
doors screeched open on their abused rails and Atkinson's Arrows
their vehicles in assault formation.
	Although the NAC had assigned him to secure the area, the rumour
that the local mercenaries were Hudak's Hooligans meant a big bonus if
could arrest Hudak and bring him to trial.

Fog-of-war intel is being distributed to HQ units now...

'Neath Southern Skies

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