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From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:08:39 +1200
Subject: [GZG] Re: Re: OT: Traveller Question

Hi Sam,

'Heaven and Earth', rather unhelpfully, states that Governments G - N
'Alien Specific'.

The old Traveller Alien Module 7: Hivers gives Governments of:
S - Sept
T - Unsupervised Anarchy, individual agreements between all citizens
U - Supervised Anarchy, individual agreements between all nests
W - Committee, governing committee of nest leaders

Traveller Alien Module 5: Droyne adds:
X - Droyne Hierachy, established communities are ruled by heredity and 
long-established governments

Traveller Alien Module 2: K'kree adds:
P - Small station or facility maintained for the good of a family, 
population 1 or 2
Q - ruled by a krurruna or a group of krumunak answerable to an
steppelord, population 3 - 5
R - - ruled by an on-planet steppelord, population must be 6+

My copy of Alien Module: Aslan has gone walkabout but I have a fair idea

where it is, just not handy.

Obviously, the above lists don't quite gell with Heaven and Earth -
the list of available Government types was collapsed over the various 
Traveller editions after CT?  I really don't know as I've only ever
CT, and the weird CT/Gurps Trav hybrid we currently use on a very

Hope this helps


> On 9/16/06, Samuel Penn <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Slightly off topic question, but this list is probably the most
>> to have someone who knows the answer.
>> I'm currently trying to build a map of the Traveller universe, and
>> star data I have has some obscure values for the UWP - notably the
>> government type. So far, I've found Government types of 'K' and 'M',
>> though my list only goes up to F: Totalitarian Oligarchy.
>> Does anyone know whether this is bad data, or is there an even more
>> complete list of Traveller government codes somewhere? If the latter,
>> could someone point me at the list?
>> I'm checking my data with that given at,
>> which also has the same values. Possibly we've both used the same
>> source of bad data (e.g., Ahaikhea, which has a UWP of B4224K3-9).
>> Thanks.
>> --
>> Be seeing you,
>> Sam.

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