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[GZG] [DS 2] What am I missing?

From: Glenn Wilson <warbeads@y...>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 20:21:29 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [GZG] [DS 2] What am I missing?

Okay after all this time with DS 2 I still don't see
(except perhaps cost) the 'advantage' of choosing GEV
mobility.  GRAV doe all terrrain equal or better.  The
Tracked option does nearly as well as GEV in anything
but the most 'open' of terrain types and better in

After a lot of loking at mobility versus terrain for
GP (General Purpose) forces I think for low tech CFE
it's got to be Tracked (and HKP) with Class 1 and 2
GEV scouts for open terrain;  for HMT it's pretty much
the same except that MDC weapons become an option for
light guns and FGEV class 3 "Heavy Recon" and open
terrain MICVs; for FPG you actually have a choice
between tracked low cost units and GRAV high cost

Even though I have 4 GEV (1 SGEV, 3 predominantly
FGEV) Battalions I questiuon wht (other then 'cool' or
background) a military would choose GEV as the
majority of their mobility type.

  Glenn Wilson

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