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From: "John Brewer" <jbrewer@w...>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 02:39:16 GMT
Subject: Re: [GZG] Minor Power Navy

Miyazaki stats are at under Fleet
Book Reinforcements.  

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From: Glenn Wilson
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 10:12 PM
Subject: [GZG] Minor Power Navy

In my semi-canon setting only the NPC (Native People's
Circle) have any appreciable navy (at least

The NPC Navy currently consists of:

(actually have these ships)

6 x Harrison scouts
3 x Lenov "Fast" scouts
3 Arapaho Corvettes
2 x Minerva Frigates
7 x Miyazaki Frigates [anyone know where stats for
these are?]
2 x Tacoma Heavy Frigates
2 x Ticonderoga DDs
4 x Hurons CLs
1 x Furious CE
2 x Vandebburg CHs
1 x Brigade Models "A" (yes I need to get the names)
local built
3 x "Brigade Models "B" (All "US" craft, all DD like
in size) local built
2 x Brigade Models "C" local built
3 x Brigade Models "D" local built
!!! 2 x Bologna CVL (Hey, it was Ebay...)
6 x Fighter packs (assorted)
6 x Valderiks (Double as AERO in DS 2 games) - CLE
(patrol or light escort for merchant ships) types
local built

The CVL are an issue:

Plan A - paint them and sell them at club or on EBAY
(or to anyone here.)

Plan B - trade them for Inflexibles

If plan A is used I'll need to get some CVEs for the

I was thinking designing them off a size equal to the
Vandenburgs (80.)

Obviously the NPC have shipyards - maximum size for
any one ship would be 100 (and that that would use two
largest adjacent bays/quays/whatever they would be
called) and tie up significantly the yard production.

So, here's what I want to pick your communal brains

Should the CVEs be 3 or 4 fighter compliment
semi-'soap bubble' CV's?  Or a two group design but
with higher defense and offense weaponry?  I would
expect the semi-soap bubble CVEs to be something like
80 weak or average hull, jump capable, Move 2 or 4,
with 2-4 PDS and 1-2 B1 with 1-2 FC, Armor 2-4, 2-4
bays, I would consider 2-3 B2/3 if fewer Bays.

CVEs purposes, in priority order, for existance:

1) Protect NPC planets/population (2 of them on
different planets  in one system plus  2 moon
establishments - one in main system, other in a
hostile - as in nature -  and otherwise unpopulated
2) Provide CV contingent on raiding forces to other
3) Escort "VIP" level Merchant Convoys (Close Covering
Force role) in war time at least to jump point.

currently leaning towards either:

Weak Hull, Move 2, 4 Bays, 4 PDs. (semi-soap bubble)

OR, more likely,

Average Hull, Move 4, 2 x PDS, 1 x B1, 1 x FC, 1 x
B2/3, armor 2, 2 x bays/hangers. (lightly gunned

OR, most likely,

Weak Hull, Move 4, 3 x Hangers/bays, 3 x PDS, 1 x FC
and 1 x B1. (straight CVE IMO.)

Suggestions?  Advice?  Math check? <grin>

  Glenn Wilson

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