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RE: [GZG] [FT] Modern Naval?

From: "McCarthy, Tom \(xwave\)" <Tom.McCarthy@x...>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 15:34:59 -0400
Subject: RE: [GZG] [FT] Modern Naval?

Perhaps I'm buried too deeply in a small niche of the RL subject, but
modern naval seems to be about:

i) detecting the presence and identity of the enemy ship as early as
ii) detecting his actual intent to launch or the launch as soon as
iii) detect the incoming weapons with maximum 'time to go' (as early as
iv) responding with the best mix of anti-weapon weapons (CIWS,
anti-missile missiles) and countermeasures (jamming, chaff) to eliminate
the incoming weapon

As a subset of iv), you want to position yourself to be less visible to
radar but still bring your jammers and weapons to bear and move away
from the path your chaff seduces the missile to.  

Oh, and guiding your anti-missile missile to the incoming weapon using
your radar may make you more attractive to the incoming weapon's

Note that little or none of this seems to talk about positioning
yourself to hit the enemy with ballistic weapons and shells or vice
versa, which is a great deal of what I think space navy battles and 20th
century navy battles were about.

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