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Re: [GZG] Midgard Herding 2183

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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 17:39:17 EDT
Subject: Re: [GZG] Midgard Herding 2183

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> From: "john tailby" <>
> You mention
> Has a strong economy.
> Apart from selling high tech weapons (never a good long term strategy)
> arms suppliers don't export top end arms except to trusted allies.
> So what does this place make that people want to buy and what does it
> from other people?>>
To allies yes we sell	Starship Weapons, We also have a heavy High Tech

industries, including selling Starship Sensors system, Starship and Home

Computers., amoung other items	 However currently 1 think we need are
to buying from 
outsiders, are "Bulk Cargo Ships" and we still do need to import some
> How does the economy support a high level of government spending in
> Most economies that spend lots on arms have very low levels of
investment in 
> civilian infrastructure.>>
To be fair, the Spending on Military on really started a spike in 2163. 
When the Fleet, truely needed a "revamping" following the experiences of
Solar War had new designs approved, and need to started to build.   The
spike has 
continued as the 3rd Solar war started up, and went large.   Can this
rated continue for the long run..   I doubt it.
> Why would the people vote for higher taxes that get spent on military
> that could be spent on things like health care?>>
That easy, for the same reason it does in real life...	 They do.
> Where does the ruling family get it's money from? Do they control
> minerals or hold a trade monopoly to maintain their wealth? If so how
do the 
> other elected rulers feel about this source of wealth?>>
> The Thorstein family fortune comes from ownership of a former Terra
> now Midgard Herding defense Company - Scramasax Defense Industries.  
It was 
> also part of the family wealth that was used to "Bring" the people
here and 
> "make the colony work".   As such the family, became the 1st family.
> What happens when a prime minister is elected during the 8 year term
of the 
> Herred and their term continues into the next Herred?>>
> The PM, continues to work in the office.   Their role is to handle
> the day to day functions of the government.
> This place sounds like a powder keg about ready to blow. All it needs
is for 
> the king to have a law overruled by the Athling and the Athling might
> that they don't need them any more and could better direct the
> controlled by the king without interference.>>
> It could, a civil war could most likely break out.   Or if U had a
power mad 
monarch.   Currently the Athing has a 3-5 "Power blocks"   As long as a 
monarch, can maintain "majority" support their goals.	A wise monarch,
learns to 
play politics...

if you hate the war.

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