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Re: [GZG] FT Beam5 Question

From: Noam Izenberg <noam.izenberg@j...>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 15:35:50 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] FT Beam5 Question

 From Oerjan:
> Wasn't that the multi-player battle where each player had one specific
> other player as his objective (until that target had been destroyed  
> when
> they switched to the next victim, etc.)? As I recall part of the  
> reason for
> your success was that the player that was supposed to go after you got
> nailed by the player chasing *him* early in the battle, and your next
> would-be nemesis was way out of position to catch you... or was that
> another battle?

I think you're right! If I remember correctly I was trying to keep  
distance on my main chaser and close (slowly) on my main chasee. My  
chaser's chaser caught him long out of his attack range to me. I  
_think_ I still got a couple shots at him, before shifting to my main  
target, who was mainly angling after _his_ target. No one made a  
determined charge into my fleet, so that part is still unproven, but  
I think a determined charge by a fleet that had better than 2 points  
of thrust on it would be needed to get in fast enough to give as much  
as it took.

>> I would not play vector against a beam-5 fleet with any Fleet-book
>> standard ships
> I wouldn't take Fleet Book-standard ships against *any* custom- 
> built fleet
> in FB1 or FB2 Vector...

Agreed, though a mob of Furiouses wouldn't be _too_ bad against  
custom vector fleets that didn't
load up on the ultra-long range weapons


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