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From: Hugh Fisher <laranzu@o...>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 20:03:34 +1000

Roger Books wrote:
>I like the Hero Games, but would like an FMAish game for this.
>Just as a rundown:
>Loved GURPs v1.0, it's gone the way of SFB, entirely too complex, at 
>least they could have gone metric.
>I like Ringworld, but back-fitting to Stargate might be a problem.
>D20, fine for D&D, other than that I detest character levels and 
>restrictive classes.
>I considered Traveller, Fudge,  Spacemaster, and even, for a moment, 
>Space Opera. 
>I _like_ the feel of FMA and like being able to go larger scale
>I really like the Stargate RPG as background material, but really 
>don't want to play D20.

Well I only know FMAS from the games that get described
on this list, which seem to involve general chaos, lots
of explosions, sheep, and just about zero probability
of survival for all concerned. I'd recommend the Paranoia
rules, either classic 2nd edition bought second hand or
the new Mongoose Publishing edition :-)

But you sound like you're planning something sane and

I really think GURPS is the best available choice. Yes,
it's got a bit more complex in the newest edition, but
not markedly so and not nearly as bad as AD&D/D20. You
can toss out the bits you don't want to bother with
very easily without worrying that doing so will break
game balance.

Most of all, GURPS has some good space setting books
already written which you can fold, bend, and mutilate
into your GZG setting. It's much easier to come up
with interesting games when someone else has already
worked out the boring but necessary bits like how many
crew are needed to pilot a luxury planet hopper.

Transhuman Space is non-FTL earth and a lower level of
starship tech than the GZG universe, but with a higher
(I think) level of AI and biotech. Good if you want to
concentrate on settled planets, especially the wierder
ones presumably existing on the fringe of GZG space.

GURPS Traveller retains the feel of classic Traveller
with new game mechanics, and is probably the best match
to the GZG setting. The top level politics/structure of
the Imperium obviously don't match, but all the material
about spacesports, common types of starships, character
roles, even character equipment, should translate very

Hope this helps.


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