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Re: [GZG] Saieed Khalifate

From: Noam Izenberg <noam.izenberg@j...>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 12:32:50 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] Saieed Khalifate

> From: Tony Wilkinson <>

> Actually I always had it in my mind that things were the other way
> around. That the SK got chucked out for not following the nutters. I
> guess I had in mind something more in Khalificate of Saladin, learned,
> tolerant (excepting Crusading nutters) and just keeping the lid on  
> it's
> own ratbags.

One crux of the question, as far as maps and conflicts are concerned  
is which islamic power (IF or SK), if any, is in primary conflict  
with NI? If one or the other is, that one probably needs to be	
"close" to NI - not more than a couple 3 parsec links, or one long  
link from New Jortan and or Tzfat at least. OR, the Jewish/Islamic  
conflict of the last century *could* be claimed in Future History to  
have mostly healed and given birth to something else, in which case,  
none of the Islamic powers need be near NI, and they can spend their  
time harassing, and being harassed by the ESU and the Swiss (the most  
proximate powers to NI on the non-canon map).



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