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Re: [GZG] Saieed Khalifate

From: Tony Wilkinson <twilko@o...>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 23:16:38 +1000
Subject: Re: [GZG] Saieed Khalifate

Gzg-l mailing list Brian,

Actually I always had it in my mind that things were the other way 
around. That the SK got chucked out for not following the nutters. I 
guess I had in mind something more in Khalificate of Saladin, learned, 
tolerant (excepting Crusading nutters) and just keeping the lid on it's 
own ratbags.


Brian Burger wrote:

> If we're going with the "IF are on the far side of Known Space, and 
> have a fairly live-and-let-live attitude toward NI and the rest of the

> powers" GZGverse, how about this for a bit of a backstory:
> The IF underwent a massive internal revolt/Reformation/whatever 
> sometime in the 2100s[1]; the SK is the old hardcore mullahs with 
> 'death-to-everyone' attitudes who got chucked out, while the actual IF

> is relatively more liberal (for some value of "liberal") and has a 
> much finer grasp of realpolitik WRT the other powers.
> Translated into basest possible terms: this IF would still have raving

> nutters, but they don't run the *entire* show, and the SK has a much 
> higher percentage of raving 
> nutters...(the IF's real raving nutters would tend to defect to the
SK, anyway) 
> It also lets the IF be something other than "Taliban in Space", which 
> is frankly more interesting...
> Thoughts?
> Brian
> <>
> [1] I don't have a GZG timeline in front of me, but this date would 
> have to be post-destruction-of-Israel and pre-"now" in GZGverse terms.

> "The 2100s" seems vague enough to qualify for now...
>Gzg-l mailing list

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