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RE: [GZG] Dirtside2 (and others) - Alternates for counters

From: "B Lin" <lin@r...>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 17:10:58 -0600
Subject: RE: [GZG] Dirtside2 (and others) - Alternates for counters

Gzg-l mailing list in my gaming
group have done something similar for other games - broken wheels and
axels mounted on a small stand to represent mobility disabled vehicles,
small brown clouds of cotton attached to rare earth magnets to show
"under fire/suppression" (the magnets attach to the steel washers that
our figures are mounted on).  In addition, leader figures can be marked
with small gold bars or circles (more rare-earth magnets).

Some people in our group have gone to the extreme of using Hero-Clix
bases, taken off the figure and remounted their own stand and also
replaced the paper insert inside to reflect the game they were playing. 
When the status of a unit changes, they just click it down to the
appropriate level.  This is a little tedious and fiddly as you are
constantly picking up figs, rather than just counters.

I wanted to have small white cotton clouds (smoke grenades) to represent
morale level, once you hit 4 cotton clouds, you'd really pop smoke and
bug out, but I haven't found a good compromise between size and looks -
too small and you don't notice them, but much larger than 3/8" and 2-3
of them look odd.

Other people have used a magnetic command stand with a specially mounted
aluminum tube (about ½" tall) and use that to stick in pennants
(triangle shaped flags) mounted on thin wire.  It's a little video-gamey
or medieval Japanese (Sashimono) in appearance, but doesn't look as bad
as plain chits.  It is a lot of work though to crank out dozens of
different colored flags. 



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Subject: Re: [GZG] Dirtside2 (and others) - Alternates for counters

On 4/17/06, Ground Zero Games <> wrote:

The simplest solution to this is to have a a sheet of paper with a
box marked on it for each unit, and put the relevant counters for
that unit on the unit's box. The downside is that of course you have
to keep cross-referring between the unit on the table and the sheet, 
but that's true of any system that does not use on-table markers
(which is of course exactly why we use them in the rules!)  ;-)


Don't get me wrong ... I *like* the mechanics of the system.  I'm just
not wild about the paper clutter on the battlefield and am looking for a
way to replace it.  I have played other games where people have come up
with innovative ways to replace their counters with other symbolic
markers, either on the base or as separate miniatures.	

For example, in Crossfire I base a wounded figure on a tiny circular
stand.	When a squad is pinned, I place this miniature next to them.  It
serves the same purpose as a counter but doesn't look as out of place in
the terrain.  I was wondering if anyone had come up with something like
this for DS2.

Derek A. Rogillio
derek at rogillio dot net 

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