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From: Nyrath the nearly wise <nyrath@p...>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:13:06 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] Re: [FT] NAC campaign setup

Frits Kuijlman wrote:
> Ok, I think I get this. But just linking to the 2 closest stars
> will not get you far, right? If I take a globe of stars, and somehow
> find 3 rings of stars in all three planes through the globe then
> would get messy I imagine.
> Of course, if the answer is yes then people will immediately get
> creative in getting stars together just to accomplish this:-)

	I'm afraid that the FT folks here are still being
	my guinea pigs.  Two links seemed like enough,
	some stars have five or six if they turn out
	to be the closest star to some lonely star
	out on the rim.

	However, working with Noam and Laserlight,
	it's beginning to look like two is not enough.
	I recently tried a trial run with links to
	the closest five stars, that might be a
	little too much.

	The basic problem is that we are all waiting
	for some genius to invent an inexpensive
	holographic computer display.  No matter how
	you try to simplify it, things get messy
	when you try to flatten a 3D map into
	a 2D piece of paper.

	For now you just have to figure out which
	distortion is the most useful.	It is much
	like choosing among the various projections
	of the Earth's globe onto a flat map.
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