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[GZG] Re: GZG ECC News - Comments and Ideas requested

From: "John K. Lerchey" <lerchey@a...>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 23:46:44 -0400
Subject: [GZG] Re: GZG ECC News - Comments and Ideas requested

Hi All,

I have to agree with what I've mostly heard so far.

1) A single room is great.
2) The Brunswick kind of sucks, but I don't come for the hotel room.
3) Good food within short walking distance.
4) The Brunswick restaurant sucks.
5) The costs and price per attendee is good, but yes, I too would
   pay more to attend.
6) I would also waive my $5 GM kickback if it would help.
   And yes, I'd still run games.  I don't run them for the $5.

Now, that all said, I would also like to give a little bit of a vendor 
perspective.  My first ECC was number 7, and that year and each since,
(with my girlfriend Yerin) run the Decals Express table.  DE does not
enough profit at the cons to do more than happily justify our showing
but it's fine.	I like bringing the decals to the show.

One of the things that I really like is that this is a much more
con than others that I've attended (Historicon, Cold Wars, Origins).  I
actually walk away from the vendor table and do not have to worry that 
someone is going to walk away with anything.  Given that there are 
typically around 50 people, and IMHO GOOD people, I can go look at a
look at minis, or even go play.  This is an incredible perk.  I also
the fact that all of the games are happening in the same room that the 
table is in.  At ECC 9, Grant LaDue called me away as a "warm body" to
in an FT game run by Carl Shue (likely mis-spelled, sorry Carl!).  Could
have done that at Origins?  Not bloody likely.

Despite the pain that Jon has to deal with every year (and yes, I do
for the man!), I think that moving to a more expensive, and possibly 
multi-roomed location would harm the ECC.

I would not opposed at all if Jon were able to find a similar (price and

meeting room-wise) location in another town near Lancaster.  Someone
mentioned a bunch of possibilities.  If the Brunswick doesn't get
that might be a viable option.

There.	Vendor opinion delivered.

I'll get the pics that Jon (St. Jon) sent of the new vehicles up
when I'm back in front of my work machine.


John Lerchey
Decals Express

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