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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:42:36 -0400
Subject: Re: Re: [GZG] FT but off the wall and a little OT]

Did not intend to start that whole SW vs ST thing.  The important thing
in any scenario built around SciFi movies is that it looks cool and is
fun.  It is nice to put things on the table that have a look and feel
that is familiar.  The numbers I am looking for are just a way to get a
handle on that feel. I will post what I find on:

Also take a look at the review posted at


> From: Michael Sarno <>
> Date: 2006/04/11 Tue PM 04:15:49 EDT
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> Subject: Re: [GZG] FT but off the wall and a little OT]
> Doug Evans wrote:
> >has space fighters that can be taken out with hand-operated weapons,
> >
>     I don't recall a single Imperial fighter being destroyed by a
> without a computer assisted targeting system.
> > and a fighter-in-the-flying-bridge making a major warship crash into
> >
>     We do see a fighter impact an ISD in ROTJ, but we can hardly
> that the impact of a single fighter was the cause of the collision
> followed shortly thereafter.	The ISD had already taken tremendous 
> damage, enough to lose shields.  We even see the destruction of a
> array on screen.  So to name the cause as a single fighter craft
> is simply ignoring so much else.
> >I use PSB to justify limitations of rules;
> >
>     The discussion on the site isn't about rules or PSB.  It's about 
> analysis of what is seen on screen and extrapolating from there.  It's

> not about explaining the inner workings of the technology, but taking
> careful look at what is present on screen and placing that information

> within a certain context.
>     Now, where this discussion could intersect a discussion on rules
> of great interest to me.  If one wants to run a game with the flavor
> a certain background, one must understand the parameters of the
> > every time somebody takes the PSB serious, and argues counter
examples, my eyes roll up into my head.
> >
>     Well, if you're GMing a capital ship scenario set in the ST 
> universe, ships should maneuver in wide sweeping arcs and gain some 
> benefit from flying in formation, range should matter, and shields 
> should be of supreme importance.  If they're not, I'm going to roll my

> eyes and walk away from the game.  Similarly, in a game set in the SW 
> universe, capital ships shouldn't have to bother with maneuver, range 
> shouldn't matter much, and target selection should be of supreme 
> importance.
> -Mike
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