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Re: [GZG] Re: [FT] NAC campaign setup

From: Nyrath the nearly wise <nyrath@p...>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 09:31:00 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] Re: [FT] NAC campaign setup

David Billinghurst wrote:
> On my steam powered version of Adobe I either get a readable A4
version of
> the center of the map or the entire map at 33% size.	Even with a
> magnifying glass, it's hard to read at that size :(  I'll play around
> see if inserting the pdf into a word document gives a bigger map in
> pages.
> The orientation of this map appears to differ greatly from your
original FT
> canonical map - is this the case?  I'm at a loss to find Delta
> home of my own FSE separatists (flag would probably be a clenched fist
> middle finger extended) of Breton extraction who have been giving the
> headache as the ESU seeks to establish bases out from Wolf 46 in the
> BD+63'238/BD+74'456 direction.  The Triangulii use LTT 12827 as a
> post while the ESU come into the BD74'456 system via the a star marked
> NN, two parsecs from BD74 and one from BD63 (I've taken to calling
this a
> null point - some form of dim dwarf star, I assume, an M or smaller
> didn't have a ready classification when you made the map).

	I seem to have the same problem with my version of Adobe Reader.
	If there is a way to print a large Adobe Reader document
	on a series of pages, I wish somebody would tell me how.
	I might have to make a reduced-resolution GIF or JPG version
	of the map for printing purposes.

	The map is NOT a three-D map like the prior ones.  It is
	a "node-map", that is, it displays the connections between
	stars, not their relative locations.  I will fix the map
	to link in Delta Trianguli as per your description.

	What happened was that in order to convert a three-D map
	into a node map, one has to simplify. If you draw connections
	between a star and *all* the other stars, the map becomes
	a solid black wad of lines. It is just that in the process
	of simplifying, my computer program inadvertently
	left out the critical links.  But I will rectify things.
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