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Re: [GZG] [FT] NAC campaign setup

From: Sylvester Wrzesinski <xveers@g...>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:16:52 -0700
Subject: Re: [GZG] [FT] NAC campaign setup

Nyrath, if it's at all possible I'd like to squeeze my empire in as

Don't have a flag for them, but on this map they'd be wedged in near the

FSE and the NSL, holding:
Name: Common Republic (amalgam of the Republic of New New Jersey, and 
the Commonality of Toledo)

Theta Persei (New New Jersey)
VY Arietis (Pivot)
BD +34*363 (New New Detroit)
BD +41*328 (Dollarton)
BD +11*386 (Girona)

Quickie overview:
I've got a functioning backstory of sorts, but haven't ironed it out 
completely yet (But as a relieving twist, it's actually a FSE client 
state as opposed to the traditional breakaway NAC colony. The two US 
names are the result of a borked colony mission suffered a misjump from 
Formalhaut around Solar War 1, and ran across a FSE colony. naturally, 
they begin pounding on each other. FSE supported side wins after they 
loan a pair of old Garibaldi BBs) The navy functions as a kind of 
mishmash of NAC and FSE doctrine, but tends to follow FSE doctrine more 
often than not, using SM's as primary designs. Largest unit they do have

is a duct-taped carrier built out of the remains of a Garabaldi

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