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Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:54:10 +1200
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> Recharging for a tacjump wouldn't take six hours.  I'm pretty sure
that my 
> first post said "half a dozen turns" or something to that effect. Does

> that make it look better?

I don't know about your games but in ours it's mostly over in 6 turns.
design our own ships and the tendancy has been to more and more
over other aspects. It might be different if you only use official

>>Why does this mechanic need changing? If you make it too easy for a
>>to jump out you could just end up with fleets sitting back salvoing MT

>>missiles and then jumping.
> So? They can do that anyway.
Not nearly so easily. you have to deploy your fleet so that all ships
more than 6" apart, so they can't get mutual support if they are
on the turn you launch you have to manouver enough so you fleet scatters

then, activate hyper drive then jump. Lots of risk in a multi ship fleet

manouver of ending up withn 6" of another ship.

>>> Imagine two opposing paradrops into the same area.
>>Deployment would be random and specialised units like carriers and
>>units end up out of formation.
> Not necessarily random, just dispersed.

Unless you are changing the FTL entry mechanic, entry is random and you 
could just as easily end up with clumps of ships that have scattered 
together. This would be very bad, especially for small ships.
>>There is a reason that paradroping is not used into a warzone often.
>>high risk and the casualties are often heavy.
> Don't carry the paradrop analogy too far.  In this case *both sides*
> dropping in.
This makes it worse. if both fleets have 10 ships arranged in a 3-4-3 
formation and you deploy 8mu apart you take up a big area of the table
playing on a 6*4 foot table). Unless both sides deploy at opposite ends
the table there is a real risk of deploying onto the enemy and both
taking FTL entry damage. although if you invented a kamikaze fleet that 
loaded up on anti matter missiles and aimed to jump onto the enemy
that could be very exciting.... 

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