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Re: [GZG] Stargrunt II rules questions

From: Oerjan Ariander <oerjan.ariander@t...>
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 21:04:49 +0200
Subject: Re: [GZG] Stargrunt II rules questions

Allan Goodall wrote:

> > A fire-and-forget ATGM is just as much "guided" as a
> > gunner-controlled one is; it's just that the sensors guiding the FoF
> > missile are mounted in the missile itself rather than in the
>Okay, what about IAVRs? Should they get the shift up?

No, IAVRs are unguided. That's what sets them apart from GMS/P (and also

the reason why IAVRs aren't affected by the target's ECM).

> >>What do people think? I'm leaning toward the revised version myself,
> >>but the way Oerjan put it might be more realistic.
> >
> >Within the restrictions posed by adhering to the standard SG2 to-hit
> >mechanic, anyway.
>Is that a vote for the revised rules that I mentioned, or did you
>prefer it they way you described it?

Sorry, you lost me there. As far as I can see there's no contradiction 
between what I described and the revised mechanic you mentioned... what
was trying to say was that the revised mechanic is probably the best you

could do while still adhering to the standard heavy weapons SG2 to-hit 

My vote would be for replacing *all* the SG2 heavy weapons to-hit rules 
with the corresponding DS mechanics, but the way you phrased your
questions kinda excluded that option...

> >(I can't see any pressing *tactical* reasons
> >for using variable-range smoke launchers - in most situations where
> >want to use the smoke launchers you don't have much time to consider
> >range you want the screen at, and if the enemy you want to hide from
> >within 50 meters of you when you launch you're probably smoked anyway
- but
> >that's another issue entirely.)
>There may be tactical reasons for keeping it closer, but I can't think
>of any off hand either.

As long as the smoke doesn't blow back towards the launching vehicle...

>There's also the "goal keeper" idea. [...]

Which is one of the reasons why current smoke screens are as wide as
are, covering roughly a 90-degree sector.



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