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Re: Re: Re:[GZG] [FT] Tactical jump

From: "john tailby" <John_Tailby@x...>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 17:44:25 +1200
Subject: Re: Re: Re:[GZG] [FT] Tactical jump

> I'm thinking that Blue jumps to point A; Red detects them and jumps in

> afterward.
> Current background says you can't jump more than once in six hours,
and it 
> doesn't say how far thath jump is.  If you can jump a few light-hours 
> away. then you can easily disengage from combat, as Red won't have
time to 
> detect you before you can make another jump.
> I don't like the "one turn warm up"; I'd like it to be several turns.
>>Also doesn't assault jumping put ordinance fleets at a disadvantage to

>>direct fire fleets? You enter on the table during the movement phase
>>ordnance launches so you can't launch on the turn you emerge.
> It would be prudent to jump in a little farther away than the enemy
> shoot--which is the way most FT battles are set up.

I've sniped a bit of the discussion.

Doesn't this argument actually describe why it makes good fleet tactical

sense to deploy like it is done in the games?

If you can only jump once every 6 hours while the FTL recharges then if
do a tactical jump you can't jump out if things go wrong. So if you are 
going to jump in you better be really sure that you are going to win.

Same thing goes for why don't you rush towards the enemy with a big
velocity? If you are doing speed 20+ towards the enemy then a turn when
try and jump out puts them on top of you before you can jump. At point
range when you can't even shoot back it will be very bad. Also there
be a good chance of there being an enemy ship within 6mu of your jump
and so making you escape very dangerous.

If you go in at a low velocity and don't like the look of the enemy
you can disperse and jump before the enemy fleet can get to close range.

Also tactical jumps sound a lot like parachute drops to me. If you try
group your ships when they emerge when they scatter all over the place
end up on top of each other and damage each other. If you jump in with a
dispersal to avoid the scatter then you risk getting picked off my a 
mutually supporting fleet.

If you don't use the tactical jump to get onto the table then you have a

normal deployment and all you have done is deny your ships the option of

escaping because you are entering battle with your FTL drained.

I've done hyper assaults in our latest campaign but usually when I only
one big ship and its an easy way to get closer to the enemy without
about any long range closing fire.

I have also done it when trying to pin down an enemy ship before it can 


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