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Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 07:17:25 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: Re: Re:[GZG] [FT] Tactical jump

>From: john tailby
>Do tactical jumps result in the kind of game you are describing?
>In order to do a tactical jump you would have to know where the enemy
fleet is. Unless you are going to stress your ship and crew by jumping
randomly into the system.

I'm thinking that Blue jumps to point A; Red detects them and jumps in

>Also the turn sequence allows you to make emergency jumps into
hyperspace after 1 turn of powering up the jump engines. Given that a
turn sequence of 1 minute has been proposed at least once doesn't the
existing rule mechanism describe the tactical jumps.

Current background says you can't jump more than once in six hours, and
it doesn't say how far thath jump is.  If you can jump a few light-hours
away. then you can easily disengage from combat, as Red won't have time
to detect you before you can make another jump. 

I don't like the "one turn warm up"; I'd like it to be several turns.

>If you did have both sides jumping into the table then how would you
resolve the ship damage effects if they end up within 6" of each other?

Sure would discourage the Fist of Doom, wouldn't it?

>If you did allow tactical jumps the attacker might drop out right on
the edge of the system and then send in scout ships to locate the enemy
fleet and then signal back the location for the fleet to jump.

I'm thinking of tact jumps being a few light seconds, at most; sounds
like you're thinking of light-hours.

>Also doesn't assault jumping put ordinance fleets at a disadvantage to
direct fire fleets? You enter on the table during the movement phase
after ordnance launches so you can't launch on the turn you emerge.

It would be prudent to jump in a little farther away than the enemy can
shoot--which is the way most FT battles are set up.

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